Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks Guys!

This month 1000 downloads of OperAnk, ofcourse we have had far more than this, but its amazing because it hasnt been updated for so long and is still rocking!

Thanks a lot guys for all the support you have given all these years. Once the megaupload servers were shut down,  I was flooded with messages asking for new links. I admit to my fault that I was late in uploading and even did not respond to the messages (something not characteristic of me). But finally I uploaded it onto mediafire and hotfile, I think two decent file hosting services.

I wholeheartedly admit that, I have never ever earned a single penny from this program either by hosting on these file sharing servers (or earlier), there are no ads on our blog and there is no adware bundled with our software nor did I ever asked for any donation.

The only thing we expect from you was support

This is the last update and after which I'm shutting down the project once in for all. Their are multiple reasons to it and the most important being my studies. I wish to pursue medicine as my sole career with whole hearted dedication and I'm grateful to God that he has always given me a chance to serve people in different ways, whether it be some simple tech-fix to their health. Wish me a good luck to be a better doctor and still a better human.

And yeah! Just don't forget to be yourself and pursue your passion.

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  1. Good Job, visit my blog please.

  2. Alan, I went through your blog and thanks to google translate I could understand your articles in Spanish. I must say your work on microemulator and OperaMini is impressive. Keep up the goodwork mate.
    Well although I have moved on to other things in life, I do come here now and then.
    Crosspost at