Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Q: Doc., is there any tool to block the updates of windows and other installed programs all at once ? Or there any other method? Thanks for such awesome operank

A: You many use ZoneAlarm (the free version would do your work), this will give you pop up for every program that is trying to connect to internet and you can choose- always allow, block, allow once etc.

Note: After this when OperAnk will try to connect, it wil give a pop up saying "java. . . ." is trying to connect. Click allow to start working.

Also go to your Control Panel and under windows update and choose off, this might though give you an annoying pop up, so you may set it for a time when you wont use ur internet.
Now check for settings of Installshield Software Updater(if present) and turn off automatic updates in the settings buttons. You may find this after clicking Programs in a list above Accessories.

Thanks for your appreciation and to all those users of OperAnk  who took the pain to write me mails. Have a nice day and keep browsing:)

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