Sunday, December 26, 2010

Video on OperAnk!

Q: hey, u r awesome, how to install flash player plugin for opera mini running on micro emulator or operank, can we see the youtube videos like we see directly on mobile using opera mini.. if any other way also please tell, help plz?

A: First of all you know how to get your answers, I thought you will drop by your question and forget, like Im facing some hundreds of unanswered questions on OperAnk.
But as this is one similiar question asked by so many people repeatedly (and esp you again and again:), I will offer some plausible solution.

PROBLEM: I have already explained in the OperAnk help file, its not possible to watch videos. The response on clicking on videos isnt like that on mobile, i.e., exiting opera and it starting real player because-
Real Player is integrated to the system as default streaming programme and the exiting browser directly provides the link which is then autostreamed.
But in case of OperAnk, you are emulating it and when program exits, microemulator doesnt, so the link doesnt get autofed to get streamed from your default streamer for say vlc or quicktime.

1. It might be possible for me to write an .xml file so that the link gets autofed, but its really time consuming considering I have to go back to this project all over again and Im facing my University Exams and then final year of medical school next year.

2. After all, you just wish to watch videos. And you wish to do this on OperAnk ONLY BECAUSE you wish the same "awesome speed". Well we have some plausible solution.

a. Some video sites have there own mobile supported sites like or more easily use or

b. Go to any of these sites WITH some usual browser like Opera or Firefox.

c. Go to the sites till the step where you have just click 'view' button where it starts streaming (i.e., where OperAnk exits)

d. Here right click and choose
Opera- Copy Link Address
Firefox- Copy Link Location

Part II
a. Go to VLC Media Player

b. Click on 'Media' ---> Choose 'Open Location from clipboard'. Now a dialog box opens click 'OK'.
Your video should start getting streamed(obv at a much better speed:)

c. If you get some problem after media choose 'Streaming' --> Choose 'Network'--> Choose Protocol--> RTSP and feed the link in 'Address' bar(Cntrl+V). Click 'Stream'. You may also Enqueue or Convert and Save the video simultaneously:) Just click the button pointing downwards, hovering ur mouse button which says- 'Select Play Mode'.

When I was asked to review Bolt Browser which actually has an inbuilt function to watch videos in the browser. It did work well on my Nokia 6300. But results were disappointing on MicroEmu :(

Well I hope, you might be satisfied with this answer and so do over fifty similiar questions. This is just one of the two major weakness of OperAnk- other being chat support. Answers about that later.

And yes, If you want answers urgently rather than posting questions here again n again, drop by a msg on facebook:)
Happy New Year'11

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