Friday, April 26, 2013

Smile with Opera Mini | Help Underprivileged Children

Relax, I understand probably the word "Help" in the heading would have made some among you saying- C'mon man! Now donations. But that's not what I implied.
Opera has in association with Smile Foundation (NGO) has launched an initiative "Smile with Opera Mini" which aims to help 1000 underprivileged children in India to receive a basic school education for the entire year.
So as you download OperAnk, Im sure most among us are using Opera Mini on their mobile devices as well. Then go and download it from here

Opera will donate an amount of 5 for every download of the Opera Mini mobile web browser from that link (upto a maximum of ₹5000000 /~ € 70000.00). Trust me if we all do a this small bit of ours, it can a big difference in these children's lives. Watch this nice video before you leave.
Take care.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks Guys!

This month 1000 downloads of OperAnk, ofcourse we have had far more than this, but its amazing because it hasnt been updated for so long and is still rocking!

Thanks a lot guys for all the support you have given all these years. Once the megaupload servers were shut down,  I was flooded with messages asking for new links. I admit to my fault that I was late in uploading and even did not respond to the messages (something not characteristic of me). But finally I uploaded it onto mediafire and hotfile, I think two decent file hosting services.

I wholeheartedly admit that, I have never ever earned a single penny from this program either by hosting on these file sharing servers (or earlier), there are no ads on our blog and there is no adware bundled with our software nor did I ever asked for any donation.

The only thing we expect from you was support

This is the last update and after which I'm shutting down the project once in for all. Their are multiple reasons to it and the most important being my studies. I wish to pursue medicine as my sole career with whole hearted dedication and I'm grateful to God that he has always given me a chance to serve people in different ways, whether it be some simple tech-fix to their health. Wish me a good luck to be a better doctor and still a better human.

And yeah! Just don't forget to be yourself and pursue your passion.

- A fast browser for people behind slow Networks. Break the Speed Barrier!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The following questions are taken from the help file included in the software copy
Q: When I visit some pages I cant see images loaded in lower half of the page. Probably they are not loaded. Please Help.
A:Please try using 'small font' and 'low images' not only it will enable faster loading of the page but complete pages will load. For this you have to go to the settings of the browser. If still doesn't work try using "Mobile View".

Q:While scrolling down the pages get stuck or hanged sort of ?
A:The browser doesn't support scrolling mouses and while scrolling from the side scrollbar the page seem to get stuck. What I discovered was that-if you press on some area of the webpage by keeping the right button of your mouse pressed and then drag the mouse upwards the web page will move up and you will be able to see the lower part of it.

Q:So at last for whom is it?
A:Actually whoever needs it. Especially people still using dial-up and gprs. Students who who needs to gather information from net. People who socialize on net as on social networking sites. And practically anything till you don't wish to watch videos on net, play flash games or anything like that. A special advantage to dialup people because the charges are time based and a fast browser is a special advantage.

Q:Hey! Im not able to see wikimapia pages clearly, its takes hell amount of time to load. Any help?
A:You should see Google Maps included with it. Read the help file how to use it. Hope it helps.

Q: When I try downloading something, and click "Open", OperAnk closes. Please Help.
A: Well thats the normal, when you try downloading anything for instance on your mobile. Then it resumes downloading from your internal browser. So what you can do is, click "Save" button which is present just below the "Open" button on the download page. Wait for sometime, the downloading begins, you will observe the lower bar showing download progress. During the download you cannot browse the net, so open another window of OperAnk by double clicking the icon on desktop.
Kindly note that but this will not allow you to download .jar files because you wont get a save option.

Q: I cant access my saved pages it seems to have disappeared when I started it.
A: This occurs when there are way too many saved pages. You can retrieve them by-
Click Bookmarks on Start Page>Saved Pages>Manage on lower left corner>Choose the destination folder where you have saved your pages.

Q: How to download Images from a webpage?
A: Click Menu>Tools>Page Information>Download Images>Choose the destination folder to save it.
Q: How to use proxy connection with OperAnk ?
A: Kindly see this.